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The Red Book

Pastel on paper

Reading The Red Book

I thought I’d share this pastel I painted a few months ago. Every now and then I get a surge of creative energy that simply must transpire into something – and fast. Unfortunately, these manic episodes tend to begin with a few glasses of wine and end in a fit of frustration that only an artist can understand.

Because, really, good art doesn’t just happen like that. At least, not for me anyway.

Discovering and accepting that truth was probably my greatest enlightenment as an artist, but I still have my moments. This picture was born out of one of my little bolts of creative lightening, and surprisingly, she survived. She took me all of two measly hours, and I was quite toasted.

She’s pretty cute though.

Thanks for taking a look!

Inspired by this beautiful photo by Kitty Gallannaugh…

 The Red Book

Bad Painting

So this is what I call an UNsuccessful painting. There is so much wrong here, I don’t even want to begin. But I’m posting it anyway in the interest of keeping it real.

Red Dress1 Bad Painting

My Van Gogh

Oil on Canvas Panel

I read somewhere that in his earlier years, Vincent Van Gogh vowed to never be photographed again – that he would only paint self portraits. I have no idea if that’s true, but it sounds like something he would do. I recently stumbled upon this WAY cool “photo” that Lithuanian photographer Tadao Cern somehow electronically morphed from one of Vincent’s famous self portraits. How amazingly cool is this?!

van gogh tadao cern 1 My Van Gogh

I thought it would be cool to paint my own Van Gogh from this “photo”. Although (like most of us) I do somewhat remember the original self portrait, I didn’t refer to it before beginning because I wanted to pretend I was painting him from life – then compare mine to his.

So this is my Van Gogh…

Van Gogh My Van Gogh

And here is Van Gogh’s Van Gogh…

van gogh tadao cern 2 My Van Gogh

Of course, there’s no comparison, but this was such a fun experiment, and I think I’ll be framing this one for my own wall.

Thanks for stopping by!