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Middle Schoolers

One of the many things that are way cool about my day job is that I’m surrounded by precious, young faces all day – and I’m paid to photograph them. How lucky am I?

I found myself at a middle school luncheon the other day, and I thought I’d share a few gems. They had just wrapped up a week of grueling exams, and this was the last day before Christmas break. This is pure relief. A blissful look that can’t be faked.

This is one of my FAVE students to photograph. He has this unexplainable charm that shines on camera, and I could devour this pic.

IMG 0277111 Middle Schoolers

I’d love to paint this little beauty’s portrait one day…

IMG 0305111 Middle Schoolers

Those boys…

IMG 02911111 Middle Schoolers

This sweet girl always runs away from me when I’m wielding my camera at her. So I was especially thankful to catch this gorgeous shot. I adore the points of light reflecting from the greenery and the glowing outline of her profile. Ahh.

IMG 0311111 Middle Schoolers

Good Shepherd

A wanna-be photographer taking photos of the Church of the Good Shepherd is kind of like cheating. I spent about ten minutes snapping these pics, and of course this location never disappoints.

These doors have probably been photographed a million times, but I thought I’d try something a little different. I set the camera on the brick pathway and tilted it up a bit. The effect was pretty cool I think.

IMG 94151111 640x1024 Good Shepherd

IMG 9316111 678x1024 Good Shepherd

IMG 93991111 1024x682 Good Shepherd

IMG 9437222 1024x682 Good Shepherd