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Waiting Still

Oil pastel on paper

After stumbling upon Connie Chadwell’s blog, The Oil Pastel Review, I fell absolutely in lust with oil pastels and the magic she works with them! I mean, just look at this beautiness!

shoefix Waiting Still

“Fixing her Shoe” by Connie Chadwell

So I promptly spent WAY too much money ordering the very best oil pastels and got to work completely stealing Connie’s style, and this is the first of several of my obsessive string of Connie-esque beauties…

Pastel Figure Waiting Waiting Still

This is Josh’s favorite piece of mine. In case you don’t know, Josh is my husband, and he has the absolute WORST reactions of anyone I’ve ever known. If you give me a dollar for a water on a day that I’m kinda thirsty, I’ll, like, hug you and tell you how incomplete my life would be without you. On the other hand, I could wake Josh up tomorrow morning with two round-trip tickets to Tahiti and tell him the car is packed, and he would probably say, “Oh babe. That’s great. Thanks.” And that’s it. So it’s no surprise that he doesn’t get overly excited when I show him a piece I’ve worked on for eight hours straight and that I think may belong in the Louvre.

But when he saw this painting – one that only took me about 45 minutes – he freaked out. He loved it! He says it reminds him of when we were young and truly, madly, deeply in love. Not that we aren’t still, but you know that new relationship phase I speak of. I was a dark, artsy girl back then, and I had a red velvet(ish) coverlet on my bed and was obsessed with cobalt blue.

Anyways, thank you, Connie, for being a constant inspiration to me since that fateful day I found your precious blog. I can only dream of being as freaking awesome.

Let me also give credit to Freda Austin Nichols, the photographer who took the photo that inspired this work. I found her on – a great photographer that I bookmarked right away!

IMG 0733tql Waiting Still

Bren’s Girl

Oil pastel on paper

Pastel Figure Brens Girl Brens Girl

This little ditty is another oil pastel inspired by Connie Chadwell (click here to see my post about how she inspires me so). I was really experimenting with darks in my skin tones, and I need to start doing that again. Love her warm red cheeks. I named this “Brenn’s Girl” because my compadre, Brenna, fell in love with her at first sight. So I framed her in a simple black frame and double black mat and gave her to Brenna for Christmas.

Thanks for reading!

Effie Claire

Pastel Portrait Effie Effie Claire

This 18×24″ oil pastel portrait of a dear friend’s little girl, Effie Claire, is one of my favorites. I painted from a photo that very much captures that childish innocence in those giant, dark eyes. But at the same time, she looks somehow wise and almost burdened. That contrast, juxtaposed to the cheerful bouquet of balloons, just seals the deal. I framed this in a sweet, white frame and mat, and gave it to her as a Christmas gift. It looks perfect hanging on the minty green walls of her bedroom that’s filled with white antique furniture. Yay!

No Necklace

Oil pastel on paper

Pastel Portrait No Need No Necklace

This 9×12″ oil pastel painting is on blue Canson paper. That paper is two sided, with one side textured and one smooth. I hate using the textured side, but I often forget to check the tooth before starting the initial sketch. By the time I’ve started with the colors and realize I’m on the wrong side, I usually just say a curse word or two and stick with it. This is one of those times I’m glad it happened. It was a “b” to fill all of those blasted holes, and it ate up much of my expensive¬†Sennelier pastels, but the final effect is worth it, I’d say. Here’s to the best laid plans. Cheers!